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Twin Steel Through
Great Britain
Product code: VU03

Twin Steel Through
Europe Part I
France, Netherlands 2003-2011
Product code: VU04

Twin Steel Through
Europe Part II
Switzerland 2003-2007
Product code: VU05

Twin Steel Through
Europe Part III
Germany 2004-2007
Product code: VU06

Twin Steel Through
Europe Part IV
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary 2003-2006
Product code: VU07

Steam Festival
May-June 2014
Product code: VU10



Russian Steam - A First Look
72 minutes
Product code: GP12

One side effect of the dissolution of the USSR was the opening of the Iron Curtain to railroad enthusiasts. In fact, the various new republics beckoned rail fans by providing steam-powered special trains using locomotives retrieved from the strategic reserve. Goodheart Productions made a number of trips to the former USSR to bring back this eye-opening look at the wonderful variety of broad-gauge locomotives that not too many years ago were cloaked in secrecy.

The locomotives seen here include the beautiful "P36" 4-8-4 with tall drivers, a skyline casing and a very colourful paint scheme. You'll also see a German Kriegslok 2-10-0 wartime mass production locomotive and an ER class 0-10-0, which is probably the most numerous class of locomotives ever built anywhere in the world, with over 10,000 manufactured.

The Russian Su-class 2-6-2, which was the USSR's standard passenger power for many years, makes a solid presence. Various regular electric and other passenger and freight trains and station scenes add to the interest. Shot in various weather conditions mostly in the winter.