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All Goodheart and Vidrail DVDs priced at R150.00 (ZAR - South African Rand)
All Nick Lera DVDs are Price on Request.



A Grand Farewell
Product code: 1522

Grand Canyon Special
Product code: 3751

Steam Dream
The Ohio Central Story
Product code: SDTH

The Great Steam Trek 4449 Storms Cajon Pass from the air!
Product code: GP1

America's Articulateds
The Challenger and the A
Goodheart Product code: GP2

No. 261
New River Adventure
Goodheart Product code: GP3

Goodheart Product code: GP4

Birmingham Memories
Goodheart Product code: GP5

Specials, Extras
and Business Car Trains
Goodheart Product code: GP7

8444 Down the Deschutes
4449 Over the Siskiyou
Goodheart Product code: GP8

No. 261
Winter Spectacular
Goodheart Product code: GP13

Vintage Daylight - Classic American Steam at its best.
Goodheart Product code: GP14

Hooters On
Blue Ridge
Goodheart Product code: S77



Twin Steel Through North America
Part I
Canada 2004
Vidrail Product code: VU08

Twin Steel Through North America
Part II
US Railroads 1989 and 2004
Vidrail Product code: VU09

Twin Steel Through Cuba, 2000
End of Steam Traction over the Sugar Harvesting Railways
Vidrail Product code: VU11

Twin Steel Through South America Part I
Vintage Steam 1988-1995
Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uraguay
Vidrail Product code: VU12

Twin Steel Through South America Part II
Vintage Steam and Modern
1998 and 2008
Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru
Vidrail Product code: VU13