IN HD, 2007 & 2013/14

150 Years, 1860-2011
by: Jean Dulez

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If you are an enthusiast of Railway Operations, or just enjoy something different, then this website is for you. It contains information about railway related videos (DVDs) and books, with the emphasis on South African Steam Train operations, that are available for your viewing and or reading pleasure. The videos can be ordered by simply sending an e-mail or letter to Vidrail. See details on the Contact Us page.

Also featured is a selection of Railway DVDs from overseas, use the menu above to select the continent for a list of the videos available.

The producer of the South African Related videos is Jean Dulez who grew up in South Africa in the late 1950s and has amassed a wonderful collection of photographs and video footage of South African Railways steam and modern traction operations since he was a youngster. Jean has compiled his collection of video footage into superbly produced videos and all are "a must have" for the enthusiast and collector. The videos are beautifully assembled with detailed commentary and the evocative sounds that only steam trains can make.

On the
Links page you will find mention of a number of Steam Train preservation organisations in South Africa that have brought back to life a variety of Steam Engines that are available for Steam Train Safaris and Tours throughout South Africa. The majority of these Steam Engines and carriages saw service with South African Railways and today ply their trade in a more leisurely fashion giving railway enthusiasts and the general public alike an opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of a bygone era of Steam Trains by way of open days, daily excursions or holiday adventures of a lifetime.

We hope you enjoy browsing through this website and look forward to any comments, contributions or suggestions you may have.

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